A thriving human society within nature’s limits is possible. The Natural Step’s theory of change links individual awareness and agency, organizational strategy and practice, and systems-level collaboration.

The foundation for many innovative sustainability programs around the world is anchored in The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. Our science-based process has been tested and proven effective by hundreds of forward-thinking organizations over the past two decades.

Our programs focus on two primary intended impact areas we believe are crucial to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society and our unique suite of services translate the fundamentals of sustainability into practical steps for businesses, communities, and other organizations.

Can Alberta lead on lowering emissions?

The article Can Alberta lead on lowering emissions? Written by Chad Park, Executive Director of The Natural Step Canada, was originally published in the Edmonton Journal.


This week, international and provincial leaders from science, policy, clean technology, industry and government will gather in Edmonton for Zero 2014, a conference focused on driving the transition to a low-carbon future.

Observers might be forgiven for doing a double take upon reviewing the program. This event is happening in Alberta?

Positively IMPACTING my world!

A few months back I had the amazing opportunity to part take in the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training PLUS in Ottawa. The goal of this training is for participants to deepen their sustainability understanding, enhance their confidence as young leaders, and become empowered with the tools and support to develop and launch successful sustainability projects and social enterprises in their region.

Learn about sustainability for FREE with short animation videos on YouTube

In addition to my work as an associate with The Natural Step, a few months ago I started a YouTube channel called Sustainability Illustrated. The purpose of the channel is to change the world one video at a time by giving people free access to the best sustainability knowledge and processes available.


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