Collaboration Café

Tamara Connell and Saralyn Hodkin of The Natural Step Canada opened this session with an overview of the process and intent of a Collaboration Café - a workshop method used to help listen for trends and emerging ideas within a group of participants. Participants were asked to engage in two rounds of dialogue. The first 20 minutes of dialogue was based on the request: Share a brief story about a challenge that you have faced that required collaboration. After this round of dialogue, participants were asked to switch tables and meet three new people. The second 20 minutes of dialogue surrounded the question: Based on what you have heard, and what you have shared, what seem to be the top 3 or 4 enablers for successful collaboration? Following this, Tamara and Saralyn asked for the participants' insights and A-HA moments. These included: how collaboration is what makes things possible; the value of empathy; that collaboration is a mindset; it's often multicultural and that we need translation tools, processes, and reminders; we need to learn from failure; that it's risky; that we need trust; and that people need to own what they operate on.