Accelerate 2013 - Why Collaboration Matters: Exploring Collective Impact & Shared Value

Tim Draimin hosted Avrim Lazar and David Hughes to explore the concepts of ‘collective impact’ and ‘shared value’. The session began with Tim and Avrim engaging together in a talk about the evolution of collaboration: how humans are wired for cooperation, how it’s natural within a tribe, and yet most of our systems and institutions have us locked into a view of ourselves as self-serving. The challenge we face now is to learn to collaborate across and between tribes, not just within our own groups. This requires understanding what’s important to people, as well as doing our own personal work in self-awareness and growth so we are able to work with others without being overcome by our emotional reactions.

David then spoke about how turning points in collaborations occur when stakeholders realize they have a collective problem to solve and are facilitated to focus on the issue, rather than on their tribe. He explained that collaboration requires placing the issue at the centre of all we do, rather than our own organization. It requires all the stakeholders, a convenor, and radical long-range planning for collective impact.