Sustainability Transition Lab - Call for Collaboration

People in all sectors who notice emerging risks and opportunities are hungry to respond  – to voice their ‘wicked questions’, and turn to others who also see the elephants in the room and are authentic in their desire to collaborate for change. We believe that more people are ready and willing to walk this path, and that it is deeply needed in the world right now.

Convening diverse groups to achieve common goals is complex and challenging. It requires re-framing questions, “un-learning” our current ways of doing things, questioning assumptions and opening ourselves to other ways of seeing the world. It takes time to build the relationships of trust that allow collaborative work to have meaning and generate results.

Through the Sustainability Transition Lab, The Natural Step Canada seeks both to serve others’ efforts to collaborate and to proactively lead collaborative efforts where our leadership can make a real difference.

Our Call for Collaboration extends to many actors. If we are to make the necessary systems-level changes to enable a sustainable society, we need all kinds of actors involved. This includes groups such as funders, researchers, thought leaders, other 'lab' practitioners, facilitation partners, and project holders or lab co-conveners.

Our Call to Action – Expressions of Interest

Thanks to the generous support for the Sustainability Transition Lab from the J.W. McConnell Foundation, Suncor Energy Foundation, Catherine Donnelly Foundation and others, we launched our first Call for Expressions of Interest to potential collaborators for our next Sustainability Transition Lab project.

Specifically, we asked people to submit an idea for a complex challenge to be addressed by a Sustainability Transition Lab and a partner or group of partners that can serve as co-convenors with The Natural Step Canada. We had many conversations with several organizations from across Canada with amazing ideas and initiatives on how to change the systems where we all live, work and play. Many of them submitted an expression of interest to be our next Sustainability Transition Lab. And now, our task is to choose one of those. 

Our process over the summer is to review the expressions of interest people submitted June 30 and then have further conversations with the top four candidates. We will dive deeper into their expressions of interest through conversation while at the same time connecting with our partners such as our Advisory Council to solicit advice. By September, we will have chosen one of the expressions of interest to be our next Sustainability Transition Lab.

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