Carmen Turner



Carmen is the Leader, Sustainability at Teck Resources. Leading the Reporting and External Commitments team in the Sustainability Group, she brings her expertise in sustainability reporting, organizational change and strategic management. By managing the development and process of the sustainability report and the implementation and alignment of external initiatives with company policies and procedures, Carmen ensures complex, material sustainability topics and trends are assessed and associated risks and opportunities are managed.

Some highlights of her time at Teck include leading the management of Teck's 10 GRI reports, implementing the ICMM Assurance Framework and process, supporting the alignment of external commitments such as the ICMM Sustainable Development Principles and the UN Global Compact LEAD with company objectives, implementing the Mining Association of Canada's Towards Sustainable Mining program and leading the strategy which led to Teck making the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

Carmen's background in sustainability science enabled her to support the cross company development of Teck's sustainability strategy where long term 20 year goals and short term 5 year goals and targets were set. She was selected by CR Magazine as one of the Corporate Responsibility 2014 Superstars.