Complimentary Strategy Session - Is Your Organization Future Fit?"

Leadership in Sustainability for Businesses and Municipal Governments in Canada

Do you want to

  • Gauge the performance of your organization against the characteristics of others who are leaders in sustainability?
  • Better understand if your organization is fit for the future?
  • Further embed sustainability into your organizational culture?
  • Position your municipality or business as a sustainability leader?
  • Attract green businesses to your municipality or capture tangible value for your business?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you might benefit from our complimentary Strategy Session*.

To start your complimentary strategy session, please complete the appropriate questionnaire:


The Leadership in Sustainability Strategy Session begins with a short, confidential web questionnaire. This will supply us with relevant information to better understand your context. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete and provides you with an opportunity to gauge the performance of your organization against others who are leaders in sustainability. This will help to identify organizational strengths and gaps and focus on a strategy that is appropriate for your unique situation.

We will follow up within 5 business days of completion to arrange your strategy session and discuss the results.

We look forward to connecting!

* Please note that the complimentary strategy sessions are only being offered to businesses and municipal governments at this time, not to individuals.

Learn more about The Natural Step Canada's Service Path for Sustainable Business or Service Cycle for Sustainable Communities and how we can help your organization develop a bold sustainability vision, strategy, and action plan. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs or join one of our upcoming webinars or events.