We live in a time of great uncertainty, complexity, and unprecedented systemic challenges. Addressing complex sustainability challenges requires unprecedented collaboration and new ways of working across sectors and across scales.

We have a long track record of working with organizations to help them become sustainability leaders. Our effort to support the emergence of role model organizations that can inspire others is a key part of our mission.

We are a highly respected provider of learning programs based both on a big-picture, science-based understanding of sustainability and an understanding of the hands-on skills needed by today’s leaders.


Better is Not Good Enough: Toward True Corporate Sustainability

The article Better is Not Good Enough: Toward True Corporate Sustainability written by Bob Willard was originally published on the Great Transition Initiative website.


The reality of planetary boundaries presents one of the most daunting challenges of the twenty-first century. Corporations, although not solely responsible for the unfolding social and environmental quagmire, have been a significant contributor and must now transform to become part of the solution.

Turning Ideas into Actions: Introducing the 2013 IMPACT! Fund Recipients

Did you know that anyone who has attended an IMPACT! event is eligible to apply for funding from The Co-operators Foundation IMPACT! Fund?

The Co-operators Foundation IMPACT! Fund is a resource available to students who have attended one of the IMPACT! conferences or one of the regional IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training sessions to support youth sustainability projects in local communities across Canada. To date, the Fund has disbursed over $323,860 to 56 unique projects.

From Plastic Pollution to Profit: Young Sustainability Innovator Turns Trash Into Treasure

Andrew Almack took part in the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training program in Vancouver in 2013. Andrew has since gone on to spearhead the program Plastics For Change.


When I was attending the impact champion’s conference, I had no idea that the project I was working on would become part of a global movement.

The Social Plastic movement is a movement demanding companies to use recycled plastic that reduces both plastic pollution and poverty.


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