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Apply to take part in this exciting program

To ensure a quality learning environment, participation in the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training is limited and competitive. Below you will find a brief application form that should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Targeting current and emerging young leaders

All applicants will be evaluated on the quality and strength of their applications, as well as suitability for the program, provided they meet EITHER of the following criteria:

  • University/college students aged 19-30 years old (current or graduated in the last 12 months), living in Canada
  • Alumni of the IMPACT! program who are 30 years old or younger

Exceptions may be made for applicants from partners and a limited number of other youth who are particularly strong candidates and would be a good fit in the program. For those who would like us to make an exception, the application form includes an opportunity to explain your circumstances.

We aim to offer an equal opportunity for eligible applicants and select a diversity of participants with a variety of sustainability interests.

Building commitment and removing barriers

Thanks to our generous funders and partners, the highly-subsidized participant cost for the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training program is only a $300 commitment fee, payable following acceptance into the program.

We aim to make this program as accessible and inclusive as possible. To remove all financial barriers for those in need, a limited number of bursaries are available to waive the participant commitment fee. Bursaries do not cover accommodation or travel (if applicable), which is the responsibility of all participants. If you are accepted for a bursary, you will be given a bursary code and special registration link upon acceptance to the program. If you require an entrance fee bursary in order to attend, the application form includes an opportunity to explain your circumstances.

There is no cost to apply for this program.

Application form

We use SurveyMonkey to securely collect and manage our applications. Please find the application form embedded in the page below. If the application form does not appear for you below, please click here to complete the application on the SurveyMonkey site.

(Pour remplir ce formulaire d’inscription en français, cliquez ici.)