IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training: FAQ

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1. How do I take part in this program?
2. Who is eligible to apply?
3. What if I don’t meet this criteria?
4. Will I receive a confirmation e-mail when I apply?
5. Is there a cost to apply?
6. Is there a cost to participate?
7. What if the commitment fee presents a financial barrier for me?
8. Is the commitment fee refundable?
9. If I’m coming from out of town, do you organize travel or accommodations?
10. Are subsidies available for travel and accommodations?
11. What is your approach to sustainability?
12. What if I’m not sure that I am or have the capacity to be a leader?
13. What kind of leaders are you looking for?
14. Do I need to have a clear idea for a sustainability project or social enterprise in mind, or already working on one, in order to take part?
15. Do I need to be interested in a particular business type or model for my sustainability project or social enterprise to take part in this program?
16. What kind of sustainability projects and social enterprises have past participants been involved with?
17. Which program activities are required vs. optional?
18. What if I have to miss part of the in-person activities?


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