IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training: Participants

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Leaders come in many forms

IMPACT! Sustainability Leaders are catalysts, builders, innovators, activists, networkers, storytellers, investigators, artists, nurturers, designers, facilitators, researchers, and many other types of change makers.

The youth who take part in this program are passionate, talented, and committed individuals who want to lead positive change or are already doing so. They are current and aspiring leaders interested in addressing various challenges across the sustainability spectrum, including environmental, social, and economic issues. They represent many disciplines and fields of study, from environment, science, and engineering, to business, law, and economics, from social studies, arts, and humanities, to fine art, theatre, and music, and everything in between.

They aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow… they strive to be the leaders of today.

Join this growing movement for positive change

With a growing network of over 1 000 alumni of the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training program, these leaders are making a mark in their communities in meaningful ways.

Some are launching a campus bike co-op, using permaculture techniques to build edible forest gardens, inspiring action on sustainability through theatre, working with at-risk youth to build urban community gardens, producing a video series on water conservation, and biking across Canada to educate and reconnect youth with their food system.

Some are teaching children how to make eco-friendly soap, cultivating local honey through organic beekeeping, starting a social enterprise that supports Aboriginal craft makers, designing an innovative aquaponic system to advance sustainable farming methods, harvesting wasted fruit with volunteers who turn them into delicious pies, and collecting plastic waste from the ocean to convert into a recycled filament for 3D printing.

Just to name a few.

Please read their stories to learn more about some of our inspiring alumni and the incredible sustainability projects and social enterprises they have launched and advanced through their involvement in the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training program. And check out the profiles of some of our most successful alumni who have received grants from the IMPACT! Fund to kick-start and scale their innovative initiatives.

What’s your story?

We hope your journey to being a sustainability champion begins or continues with us. Please learn more about this program