IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training: Program

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From inspiration to idea to launch and beyond

If you are accepted into the IMPACT! Youth Sustainability Leadership Training program, you will be asked to:

Phase 1: Pre-Workshop Preparation (2 hours)

  • Share information in a brief survey about your current skills and experience, and to express what you hope to get out of this program.
  • Complete the award-winning Sustainability 101 eLearning course (1 hour).
  • Engage in a short online leadership exercise.

Phase 2: Workshop and Related Activities (2 or 3 days)

  • Participate in an inspiring 2 or 3-day training workshop to deepen your sustainability understanding and build your skills and confidence to lead tangible sustainability projects and social enterprises.
  • Connect with peers and community leaders via engaging networking events.

Phase 3: Post-Workshop Personal Development & Project Planning/Implementation (self-paced)*

  • Receive a suite of tools and resources to help plan and implement your initiative.
  • Develop a project overview and a business plan for your initiative.
  • Be matched with experienced mentors and coaching opportunities to guide your personal, professional, and project development.**
  • Participate in webinars and/or meet ups to continue your learning, advance your initiative, and strengthen relationships with your fellow participants.
  • Engage in a social innovation co-working community with a free 4-month membership to: access shared office and meeting space; obtain support services to foster project incubation, acceleration, and collaboration; take advantage of additional learning opportunities; grow your network; and strengthen your capacity as a changemaker.**
  • Learn about opportunities to gain seed funding for your initiative.
  • Plan and implement a new initiative in your community, or take on a leadership role to advance an existing opportunity. This may include ideation, project development, testing, piloting, prototyping, launching, succeeding, failing, evaluating, learning, and more.
  • Share your story and project updates through a variety of channels—including the online IMPACT! Platform and social media—to amplify your reach, connect with peers, share resources, report on progress, discuss lessons learned, celebrate achievements, and plan next steps.

*Phase 3 is optional and open to all participants who wish to take advantage of these opportunities and supports, except where noted otherwise.
**This activity is optional and participation will be limited and competitive.

Phase 4: Reflection and Catapult Forward (2 hours)

  • Report on your progress, share feedback, commit to next steps, and learn about opportunities to support the next phase of your personal and project development.

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For more details about the programming, including our workshop agenda and facilitator profiles, please see our detailed Program Guide.

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NOTE: Specific programming and support offered may vary from session to session and is subject to change.