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Our staff includes advisors, educators and scientists who are dedicated to helping a large and diverse number of organisations move toward sustainability.

If you share our vision and passion to move society toward sustainability and thrive in a multi-disciplinary environment, you may be right for the small but growing team at The Natural Step Canada.

Project Coordinator, Energy Futures Lab (Part-time, as needed)


Please Note ***
The Project Coordinator role is driven by initiative needs so the timing associated with this role is not set in stone. We will be reaching out to potential project coordinators as opportunities emerge in our various streams of work, selecting candidates whose experience compliments and can support these different focus areas. This will be a contractual and project-specific role, so we do not intend on creating an employment position. That said, we hope this process will allow us to build relationships that could lead to continued engagement overtime.

About the Energy Futures Lab:

The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based coalition of innovators and leading organizations working together to advance solutions aligned with our 2050 vision for Canada's energy future. Powered by The Natural Step Canada, the EFL was created in 2015 as a response to harmful polarization on energy issues, which landed Alberta‚Äôs energy system at the centre of a complex, fragmented and divisive debate. As a social innovation lab, we address these issues by collaborating across traditional, organizational and sectoral boundaries.