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IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training (Ottawa, ON | February 7)

IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training (Guelph, ON | February 26)

IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training (Sudbury, ON | April 29)

Meet our 4 new Sustainability Associates!

Amanda Hachey

Matt Mayer

Erin Romanchuk

Karen Stroebel

Alison Thompson, Chair and Managing Director of the Canadian Geothermal Association talks about the Energy Futures Lab and why it is important for the future prosperity of Alberta.

Message from our Executive Director, Chad Park

What a busy time at TNS! Nothing has me more excited than the upcoming launch of The Energy Futures Lab. This month the Energy Futures Lab finally launches with a kick-off meeting in Banff. 40 Fellows from across Alberta are primed and ready to begin innovating towards the energy system of the future.

But that is not all we have been up to recently. Our Associates ran Sustainability Level 1 and 2 courses in Vancouver and Moncton, introducing aspiring and practicing sustainability professionals to the Framework for Strategic Sustainability. The IMPACT! Sustainability Champions hosted courses in London and Saskatchewan and at this point, hundreds of youth across Canada have participated in IMPACT! As well, earlier this month, we partnered with 4 leading sustainability organizations to present the Green Economy Ontario conference.

Keep reading to learn more about what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.

Shaping our Energy Future: The Launch of the Energy Futures Lab

The desire to shape the future, not just cope with it or react to it, is deeply embedded in Alberta’s culture. Chad Park explains how the Energy Futures Lab is leveraging Alberta’s leadership position to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, innovative and resilient energy system. Read more >>>

Monthly Spotlight: The Energy Futures Lab November Workshop

Tyler Seed breaks down all you need to know about the inaugural EFL workshop and introduces you to some of our Energy Futures Lab Fellows! Read more >>>

In other news...

Introducing The Natural Capital Lab!

The Natural Step is embarking on a new Sustainability Transition Lab—this Lab aims to improve the way we measure, manage and make decisions about Canada’s natural capital. Read more >>>

IMPACT receives $361,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Natural Step Canada and The Co-operators are proud to announce that the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training Program was a successful recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Province-Wide Community Grant, a generous award of $361,000 for 2015-2017. Read more >>>


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