Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

We work to accelerate this transition through our expertise in designing and facilitating processes to foster transformational change. Through a respectful, non-adversarial approach, The Natural Step Canada helps cultivate creativity, hope, and ambition among the individuals and organizations that participate in our programs. You can read more about our theory of change here.

All of our work uses an approach that emphasizes systems thinking, collaboration, and creating desired futures. Getting people to interact with others in new ways through carefully designed processes is vitally important for sustainability efforts to be enduring and for change to be transformational.

Our programs focus on two primary impact areas: enabling collaboration on sustainability challenges and building sustainability literacy.

The Sustainability Transition Lab is a powerful collaborative approach to tackling complex social and environmental challenges that blends The Natural Step’s experience with other leading approaches to multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Our Sustainability Learning Programs are a suite of highly regarded in-person and online learning experiences that help individuals reach their full potential as sustainability practitioners and change agents.