"Sustainability at home"

The Natural Step, in partnership with The David Suzuki Foundation and Light House Sustainable Building Centre, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest creation- Sustainability at home: a toolkit; for British Columbia on November 7th.

Drawing from the expertise, research, and resources of all three organizations this toolkit offers its readers a multitude of fresh, practical ways to reassess the health of their home. Sustainability at home does a room by room inspection of the average household, offering up pointers and best practices for dealing with utilities, shopping, mobility, and waste. Although this toolkit has much to offer any homeowner, the British Columbia spin on it shows B.C. homeowners how to not only talk- the- talk but also walk- the –walk by connecting them with local businesses and services and by inspiring them with B.C. specific stories of success!

If every household, started to make the changes suggested in this toolkit, Canadian communities would take a great step forward toward sustainability. The Natural Step has enjoyed great success with the  Alberta Sustainability at Home Toolkit , and can’t wait to get the BC addition out to the public!

For those of you in Vancouver head over to 2060 Pine Street on November 7th to join in the celebration for both the launch of BC’s Sustainability at home: a toolkit, and the opening of doors to the new Light House Sustainable Building Centre.

Stay tuned to www.thenaturalstep.org, www.davidsuzuki.org, and www.sustainablebuildingcentre.com  for more information and for access to the free download of the toolkit after November 7th.

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