A Landmark Moment: Affecting the Larger System

You’ve heard us talk about The Landmark Group of Builders before. A long-term partner of The Natural Step, Landmark has been exploring and implementing sustainability solutions for years. Dedicated to becoming a major North American housing solutions provider recognized for sustainability and for leading a revolution in the industrialization of housing construction, Landmark has made progress in areas as diverse as governance, operations and of course, production and construction.

Earlier this month, Landmark was awarded the Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) Game Changer Award in the Solar Adopter category. This award recognizes a corporation from outside the solar supply chain whose commitment to solar energy is fostering sustainable awareness practices for itself, its suppliers and its customers. In other words, it honours a company that affects change in the larger system of the built environment.

In systems thinking, the seeds to any challenge the system faces are found within the affected system. In permaculture, we look to create maximum impact/output with minimum input. The CanSIA Game Changer award demonstrates that Landmark has embraced both of these angles, as the large scale of Alberta’s new home market means that a small change in the market diffusion of solar technology will have remarkable impacts on GHG emissions and increase the deployment of solar technology, not to mention the impact on the built environment overall.

Congratulations to Landmark for winning this game changer award. It is a great recognition not only of the work they are doing, but also a reminder to the rest of us – when we act in one part of the system, there is potential to affect other parts of the system with a single intervention.

Where will you intervene for sustainability next?

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