Accelerate 2013 - Closing Keynote - Transformation Towards Sustainability: The Leadership Challenge

Tim Brodhead kicked off the closing keynote by sharing a few congratulatory remarks before offering the floor to Göran Carstedt. Göran shared his reflections on leadership and the conference. He opened with a remark on the conference model; that it wove together thinkers and doers, theorists and practitioners, time for listening and time for conversations. He commented also that we want to be seeing restorative organizations, and the transformation we want to see will take leadership. Leadership is about inviting people to something ‘learningful’, something they’re excited to be a part of. Whatever you are doing must be relevant. What happens when someone says: “We’re going to go there but I don’t know how”? People come running with solutions. What if we have an institutional problem? You can’t change organizational culture as if it were a spare part; some processes in life take time, they require learning, building trust, helping people see something they didn’t see before. This is a leadership challenge. Göran ended by listing 5 things we need for this transformational change:

  1. commitment to the trajectory
  2. invitations to co-create this sustainable future
  3. to learn from actions; from doing
  4. take a systems view, and
  5. keep courageous dreams