An Alberta Toolkit Symphony

What do a symphony orchestra and two exciting new toolkits from The Natural Step Canada have in common?

Both require a collection of diverse talents, a tremendous amount of preliminary practice, and are meant to move their audiences so that they leave forever changed.

Over the past eight months, I have helped develop two new resources for Alberta organizations. To me, the Sustainability Primer and Planning for Sustainability: A Starter Guide represent an extraordinary collective achievement that has drawn on the expertise of TNS’ sustainability advisors, communications team, top management, administrative staff, as well as that of an external editorial committee.

I liken the process of creating these resources to that of a group of classical musicians coming together to perform at their very best. It was as if each person who contributed to these toolkits in smaller and greater ways brought their own musical specialty – based on their background experience working with communities and businesses on strategic sustainable development. Each one offered unique sounds from his or her instrument, and added to the melody of creative ideas that have made these resources not only useful products, but also a testament to what’s possible when co-creation is practiced.

It is my hope that these toolkits will inspire Alberta organizations to embrace a vision of a sustainable future, and equip them with the tools they need to begin that journey today.

With the toolkits launching this week at the Pathways 2 Sustainability Conference, the orchestra is ready to deliver its best. Let the music begin!

Click here to download the toolkits.