Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI)

Fourteen organizations across Atlantic Canada have come together to embed sustainability in the region with the Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI). These partners, ranging from the major Atlantic telecom provider, a large municipal government to a local coffee shop have all taken on the challenge of modeling strategic sustainability using The Natural Step Framework. Each partner attended three intense workshops, created a sustainability plan and is showing tangible actions toward sustainability. Further, each partner has received one-on-one coaching from The Natural Step and is building their own ability to teach others about sustainability. ACSI is coordinated on the ground by the Centre for Rural Sustainability.

There have been many accomplishments. For example, the City of Bathurst adopted a Sustainability Vision for 2020 and made a commitment to work towards the vision goals by using the Natural Step Framework. The Bathurst City Council also announced that they will be adopting the first of several Sustainable Transportation Action Plan (STAP) recommendations. To learn more about the network and their next steps, visit the ACSI website.