Claude Ouimet

Senior V.P. G.M. Canada and Latin America, Interface


Claude Ouimet is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Interface- FLOR Canada and Latin America. His 19-year career with the company includes roles in both manufacturing and sales. Claude’s mix of manufacturing, sales, and marketing knowledge gives him a unique perspective on integrating sustainability throughout the InterfaceFLOR corporate culture.

He brings his passion for environmentally sound practices not only to manufacturing technology and practices, but also to sales strategies and marketing concepts that reflect the company’s eco mission. In April of 2007, Claude became certified as a “Climate Project” presenter, which entitles him to share Mr. Al Gore’s powerful and inspirational message.

Claude speaks to government, business, academic, association, and nonprofit groups throughout Canada and Latin America on sustainability and Interface’s goal to achieve Mission Zero, the company’s promise to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by 2020. The Interface story, as told by Claude, is about the “power of one” or the influence that one company or one individual can have on an industry, culture, and the world. During his presentations, Claude speaks about how to “green” a company from two perspectives: the mechanical part of sustainability and the softer side of sustainability, which relates more to culture. Claude believes that all of us, individuals and companies alike, have the power to change and do something to help address the global environmental crisis. By telling the Interface story, Claude inspires others in the possibilities for their own sustainability journeys. He also addresses integrating sustainability into an organization’s overall marketing strategy and messages.

In December of 2007, Mr. Fabio Barbosa, President of Santander Banco Real, the largest and most influential bank in all of Brazil, invited Claude to become a member of their Sustainability Consultative Board. As such, Claude is one of the Board’s honored members, recognized for his promotion of Sustainability throughout Brazil, and has the opportunity to share experiences with other board members and to demonstrate how the principles of sustainable development can be applied in day-to-day business activities.