Convince your boss that taking The Natural Step Canada’s Sustainability Learning Courses is a wise investment

Having trouble making the case to your boss for you to take our courses? Here’s some help…

The Natural Step Canada’s highly regarded in-person sustainability courses are intended to inspire and empower sustainability leadership in Canada. As a non-profit organization, The Natural Step Canada has designed this course to support champions in communities, businesses, NGOs, and educational institutions to be effective sustainability change agents and leaders. It is based on a strategic, science-based systems approach to sustainability: The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.

“But why should I invest in my staff in this way?”

Because you want your employees to drive sustainability innovation to find opportunity and potential for your organization’s vision and growth. To do this, they need to enhance their competence in sustainability.

This workshop enhances staff performance by inviting them to:

  • Articulate the value proposition and business case for sustainability.
  • Strategically analyze sustainability situations using a compelling framework.
  • Change the way they think about sustainability to see the systemic issues of our day and learn how to see systemic sustainability opportunities in their work.
  • Influence sustainability-related change processes in your organization.
  • Capture value, enable innovation, and drive strategy.
  • Make better decisions by asking different questions.
  • Apply a sustainability lens to the way they think and work to drive sustainability innovation.
  • Re-energize, think about their work in a new way, and challenge them to reflect on the relevance of sustainability to their context.
  • Connect and network with national peers to further learning.

“Why else should I invest in sustainability training?”

  • Profit and opportunity are possible as your people build their competence in sustainability and lead in their work, creating opportunities and innovations you haven’t thought of.
  • Capture the sustainability value proposition by investing in your employees’ sustainability competence as part of a broader sustainability strategy.
  • Interpret emerging industry trends by ensuring your employees receive leading edge sustainability training in a widely used, rigorous, and well-respected sustainability framework.
  • Invest in your people with sustainability training to enable them to reach their full potential through a professionally-designed course delivered by sustainability advisors who have extensive experience working with hundreds of organizations and communities around the world.
  • Retain your staff by providing them with opportunities to bring their sustainability passion to their productivity.
  • Command a leadership role in sustainability by employing staff who understand and apply it on the job.
  • Maintain a healthy professional development budget due to the excellent value for money of this opportunity.