Frank Spencer

Principal/Partner, Kedge; Author, Turning Wicked Problems Into Wicked Opportunities


Frank is founder and partner of Kedge, a strategic design, innovation, creativity and foresight firm that harnesses, hacks, and leverages the future to create unique and powerful actions and solutions for today’s business environment. Before Kedge, he worked for 15 years as a leadership coach and developer with entrepreneurs, social communities, networking initiatives and SMEs, helping them in areas such as development, innovation, and networking. He holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. With a strong background in both business and academic foresight, Frank was the creator and lead instructor of The Futures Institute: Shaping The Future Now at the Duke University Talent Identification Program Institute, teaching students to use futures and foresight to develop transformative solutions to grand challenges (2010, 2011). He has worked on strategic foresight projects for companies such as Kraft, Mars, Marriott, and The Walt Disney Company. He is a prolific speaker, having delivered presentations to groups and conferences in Atlanta, Buenos Aires, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Melbourne, Washington, New York City, Singapore, Mumbai, Wellington, Moscow and San Francisco over the last 20 years on topics such as leadership development, the importance of developing the skill of futures thinking, creating environments of foresight in businesses and organizations, recognizing emerging trends and issues, identifying unseen opportunities, reaching aspirations and preferred futures, talent management, work, technology, and social innovation. His most recent articles include an explanation of Kedge’s unique innovation philosophy called Wicked Opportunities that is featured in Fast Company Exist, and a series on the 7 Shifts in the Age of Opportunity that every business leader must master that can be found on Urban Times.