Dr. Geoff Kendall

Co-Founder and CEO, 3D Investment Foundation


Geoff is an entrepreneur whose experience spans sustainability consulting, high-tech startups, and academic research. He holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, and has co-founded two software businesses, the second of which he sold to a global technology company. While working at that company as a marketing director, Geoff became aware of the growing social and environmental pressures facing humanity, and decided he needed to do something about them.

That led to Geoff joining London-based think-tank SustainAbility, where for the past four years he has led the communications team and directed consulting projects with some of the world’s biggest corporations. His core focus has been to help companies understand how to change the way they do business in pursuit of a sustainable world.

Geoff recently left SustainAbility to co-found and lead a new organisation: the 3D Investment Foundation. The purpose of this non-profit entity is to help shift our economic system onto a more sustainable footing, by helping business leaders and investors understand what makes companies truly “future fit".