How can we empower community stakeholders to lead change toward sustainability?

Your Challenge:

A variety of organizations and individuals within your community recognize that a sustainable community cannot be achieved by any one group alone and are committed to integrating sustainability within their organizations and throughout the community. How can you bring these diverse groups together to accelerate change toward sustainability?

Our Response: Build the capacity of community stakeholders to help them lead change toward sustainability

The Natural Step Canada provides a specialized leadership program for community stakeholders—local businesses, organizations, community groups, concerned citizens, and the municipal government—who come together with a shared commitment to sustainability leadership in their respective organizations and within the community.

Our Services:

Through our “Early Adopters Program,” we help your community build stakeholder capacity by establishing a common understanding and shared language for sustainability among a group of early adopters. We help develop local success stories and then support this core group of leaders to disseminate the lessons, knowledge, and energy they have gained throughout your community.

The Early Adopters Program generally includes the following key phases:

Case Studies:

Please see the following case studies about our Early Adopters Program work: