Karen Stroebel



Contact: kstroebel(at)naturalstep.ca

Karen believes her life’s purpose is to facilitate a culture shift that encourages us to consider positive and negative consequences of how individuals, communities, and nations pursue happiness. She strives to nurture hope in a time of latent environmental depression by promoting opportunities for individuals to come together and actively contribute toward creating a better world.

Karen has a diverse background in sustainability consultation and training. She has designed and delivered numerous sustainability leadership programs, including Metro Vancouver Youth4Action activities, Clean Air Champion’s High School Climate Challenge Program, Translink’s TravelSmart Program, and West Coast Sightseeing’s employee engagement.

She specializes in empowering community members through experiential workshops, leadership clinics, and symposia and has been responsible for delivering a sustainability leadership course for youth leaders for over 4 years.

Karen also worked for Jacques Whitford / Stantec as a Sustainability Consultant. Her responsibilities included working with a variety of clients to design sustainability visions, targets, and indicators and to develop employee engagement programs.

Karen holds a Master’s of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, from the Blekinge Institute of Technology.