Luis Punteno

Employee Relations Assistant


I am a fourth-year Health Sciences student at the University of Ottawa, and I bring a dynamic blend of academic excellence and real-world experience to the TNS team. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently achieved recognition on the Dean's list and received prestigious scholarships. My linguistic capabilities extend to English, French, Spanish, and German, providing me with a global perspective and adaptability that fuels my passion for diverse initiatives.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I have actively advocated for LGBTTTIQ+ rights and ventured into independent real estate and digital marketing advisory roles, demonstrating my versatility and innovative thinking. I've also held key roles in environmental and community-focused initiatives, serving as a UNICEF Ambassador for Plant for the Planet in Monterrey, Mexico.

Furthermore, I've earned a Professional Certificate in Immunology from Harvard Medical School, enriching my expertise. In 2023, I obtained the Inside LVMH Certificate in Luxury and Environmental Sustainability, highlighting my commitment to sustainable practices. My interdisciplinary background in Health Sciences, complemented by a Specialization Certificate in Human Resources Management from the Carlson School of Management in Minnesota, has equipped me with the versatility to work in various fields and make a positive impact with my diverse skill set and track record of community involvement.