Sustainability Redefined: Cargo containers to modular homes

Did you know that there are millions of unused cargo containers filling shipping yards across Canada? Most people see them as waste; but to Greg, they are a reusable construction material to help revolutionize the housing market.

By redefining how people and organizations understand sustainability, The Natural Step Canada helps transform problems into opportunities, and we need your help to continue empowering and enabling innovators, like Greg. Greg Nakonecznyj is the entrepreneur behind Fr8 Living Solutions and an alumnus of IMPACT!, a youth leadership training program of The Natural Step Canada and The Co-operators. After attending the training in London in the spring, Greg was inspired to integrate his new outlook on sustainability with his educational background.


"I'm an Architectural Technology Engineer and also a millennial. I know how hard it is for my generation to afford a home —let alone one that meets sustainability standards. Thanks to The Natural Step Canada, I saw the opportunity to better the housing market using upcycled shipping containers and off-grid technology, through which we can build sustainable, affordable homes for that ever-widening gap of millennial renters to homeowners."

Greg Nakonecznyj - Entrepreneur behind Fr8 Living Solutions and an Alumnus of IMPACT!, a youth leadership program of The Natural Step Canada and The Co-operators.


The innovations that result from redefining sustainability are helping drive Canada toward a future in which businesses and communities thrive within nature’s limits. This important work cannot continue without your contribution. Help us continue to redefine sustainability and support innovators like Greg by making a donation to The Natural Step Canada.

David Hughes
President and CEO
The Natural Step Canada