TEDxWhistler: Looking beyond the Olympic Games

While most of Canada focuses on how many medals Canada is winning or losing, the Whistler Centre for Sustainability has been sharing another important story.  As co-host of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Whistler is concerned not only with delivering a successful games but also what happens after the games. As The Whistler Centre says, “what happens after the Games after the adrenaline levels drop, hangovers dissipate, and Whistler starts coming to grips with a more carbon-restrained world?”  Can Whistler continue “to be the premier resort community as we move toward sustainability” as their mission states?

Last week, in the midst of the Olympics, in downtown Whistler, the Whistler Centre hosted  TEDxWhistler, an event to address tourism’s place in a sustainable world.  As the Whistler Centre says, “while this topic is key to the future of Whistler’s success and sustainability, it hits home to all other resort communities, tourism destinations and the tourism economy as a whole, and to each and every one of us as individual and family travellers.”  Visit the Whistler Centre for Sustainability to learn more, or visit TEDxWhistler.