Unique Vision: Long after the Olympics are gone, Whistler2020 keeps focus on town's natural wonders (24 Hours Vancouver, BC)

By SUZANNE ELSTON, Special to QMI Agency

February 20, 2010-This year will be remembered for bringing the eyes of the world to Whistler, B.C., but for local residents, 2020 has a much greater significance and focus. Whistler2020 is the name of the town’s long-term community sustainability plan.Traditional urban planning tends to focus more on isolated pieces of the planning puzzle, rather than on interconnected systems. What the town needed was an integrated approach that would address social, economic and environmental challenges...

In developing its sustainability strategy, Whistler adopted The Natural Step Sustainability Principles as the foundation of its framework. An internationally recognized non-profit organization, The Natural Step’s proven, science and systems based model helps communities and businesses better understand and integrate environmental, social, and economic considerations.

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Source: 24 Hours Vancouver.